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Ω No life or career is a straight line to one path.
There are many roads in a life well lived Ω


I was born in Washington DC.

I lived and worked  in San Francisco, CA now in Southern CA working as a Fine Arts teacher for Futures Academy. My favorite art style is surrealism. I love to paint and I am working my way up to doing larger paintings soon. I have been a pixel painter for years, but happy to get my hands dirty again.

When I am not busy with my husband playing music for Indian weddings and events I am having fun on hikes and goofing around with my teenager.

I like to write and record music. I worked and lived in Malaysia and Singapore for about a year. That was a wonderful time and I have many interesting stories to tell. For a long time I was performer with a musical  gypsy circus called the Magique Bazaar. If you want to know more about my musical adventures your can go to




  • Traditional and digital graphic arts expertise

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Graphics and Illustration

  • Computer application skill: MAYA 3D, Adobe Creative Cloud programs Illustrator, Flash,
    Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge Animate and Photoshop

  • Experience with: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Video editing expertise: Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Camtasia

  • Audio editing expertise: Pro-Tools,

  • Facility with HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, 3D MAX, Maya

  • ADOBE CC Certification, Photoshop


Fine Arts Instructor
Futures Academy; Laguna Hills, August 2015-presently teaching

  • Teaching Digital Photography and Photoshop Editing

  • Teaching Art Appreciation and Applied Drawing and Painting

  • Teaching Music Appreciation and Applied Music

Design Intern
The Design Office:Anaheim, CA August 2015-December 2015

  • Branding work: logo, letterhead, info-graphic

  • Preparation for print media

Freelance Production Artist and Product Design
Zazzle, Love Song Design and Beat Magic Design CA 2/98-Present
Previous clients have included KNTV Television, Moving Media, and Studio Actual Size,
(a subdivision of Colossal Pictures)

  • Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on industry knowledge, tools, and media

  • Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy; select style and size of type

  • Confer with clients to discuss and determine layout design

  • Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Internet websites

  • Prepare illustrations and sketches of material, discussing them with clients for modification

  • Utilize computer software to generate and edit still images and videos

  • Specialize in promotional materials, storyboards, litigation art, and murals

  • Maintain archives of images, photographs, and previous projects

  • Compose, record, edit, and perform original vocal and instrumental music

  • Promote and present musical products and services to current and prospective clients

  • Provide excellent customer service, event planning, and collaboration with other artists

    • Creating designs for cell phones and computer and fashion accessories.

    • Launched a store and social media advertising campaign

  • Currently an independent contractor for companies such as EcoTerra Properties, Flash Sitar Music,
    using WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Instructor/Volunteer Coordinator, Art Masters Program

  • Oka Elementary School Fountain Valley, CA 5/13-5/14

  • Purchase and administer art materials for five hundred students

  • Research and prepare monthly art lessons in the manner of featured art master

  • Train twenty parent volunteers through lecture and demonstration to replicate lessons

  • Coordinate training dates and assign volunteers to seventeen K-5 classes

  • Deliver art history lectures and project instruction to students as a classroom instructor

  • Manage communication between volunteers, school staff, and Art Masters representatives

Program Assistant
Fountain Valley School District, Fountain Valley CA 9/12-9/14

  • Coordinate communication between students’ households and school staff

  • Facilitate music lesson plans, classroom setup, and student preparation

  • Assist string orchestra teacher with instruction and classroom management

  • Remain with students as needed until caregivers’ arrival

  • Set up furniture and equipment at assemblies and recitals

  • Provide stage assistance and student supervision during performances

Sign Artist
Trader Joe’s; Campbell, CA 7/08-8/11

  • Created original graphic designs for products and store displays

  • Utilized both traditional and digital graphic art media

  • Verified pricing daily with networked scanning equipment

  • Communicated pricing and inventory updates throughout art department

  • Specialized in wines and varietals

  • Maintained extensive file archives of prior store signage and other artwork

            Computer Graphic Imaging Instructor/Curriculum Designer
            Cogswell Polytechnical College; Sunnyvale, CA  2/98-4/04

  • Initiated, facilitated, and moderated classroom discussions

  • Supervised students’ work projects, both inside and outside the classroom setting

  • Maintained current knowledge of industry trends and technologies

  • Prepared and delivered lectures to undergraduate students

  • Evaluated and graded students’ class work, assignments, and projects

  • Prepared course materials such as syllabi, media projects, and instructional handouts

  • Collaborated with colleagues to address teaching and research issues

  • Advised students on academic and vocational curricula and on career issues

  • Planned, evaluated, and revised curricula, course content/materials, and methods of instruction

  • Designed curriculum for the following Computer Graphic Imaging program classes:

  • 2-D Design, Storyboard, Music Video Production, Digital Clubhouse, Creative Content Development


  • Golden West College; Huntington Beach, CA; Digital Arts, Web Development
    (updating skills and currently attending  classes)

  • Cogswell College; Sunnyvale, CA; Associate of Arts degree, Computer Graphic Imaging

  • Ringling School of Art and Design; Sarasota, FL; Bachelor of Fine Arts

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